Funeral for a Friend
The Stone Gods


Finger Eleven
Slaves to Gravity


Breed 77

This Is Menace
Cars on Fire

The Donots

Framing Hanley


I've managed to spend over fifteen years in the shark-infested waters of the UK music industry and (by changing my hair style often enough to remain generally unrecognisable) I have survived!

During those years of madness I have taken posts at companies as diverse as MTV, Cottage Industry Records (home of the offshoots from million-selling artists Little Angels), Way Ahead and Earache Records. For my sins, I also played guitar in UK post-rock outfit earthtone9.

My time at these various companies has given me an invaluable and extremely rounded view of the UK music scene. When I started to work as a press officer for bands, I was able to do it with an understanding of how the different disciplines of marketing, promotion, A&R, etc, actually affect bands. Hopefully this helps give HeroPR a unique and advantageous take on the role of a PR!

Aside from a general passion for music and free-spirited performance, I have always tried to keep tabs on the most exciting acts breaking through at grass roots level. From championing Hundred Reasons (in the days when they were known as 'Floor') to taking Lost Prophets to the head of A&R for Columbia US (ending in a substantial deal) to introducing Funeral For A Friend to Atlantic (their new home)... I've had the great fortune in finding some genuinely exciting new bands.

With any luck HeroPR can be involved with many more over the coming years!

Rachel is the other half of HeroPR. Being the (attractive) face of the company, it is Rachel who has helped us expand into new areas (pop press, musical instrument magazines and a HUGE online presence etc).

With a background in PR & Marketing (she worked for Carlsberg/Tetley don’t you know) she is superbly skilled at this promo lark.

She is also a qualified actress (Italia Conte drama school) and was recently eviscerated in Adam Mason’s awarding winning feature film ‘Broken’.





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